Community Shapers is a values driven boutique call centre set-up in 2014 to support the progressive movement in Australia.

We believe in a compassionate, environmentally sustainable and socially equitable future and exist to strengthen the scale and impact of organisations committed to this vision.

We deliver premium quality fundraising and advocacy phone campaigns and above industry average results through our team of dedicated ‘change agents’, who are your members, donors, and volunteers.

Our conversations with your supporters are genuine; your wins are our wins.

Community Shapers leads by example, and we are committed to upholding the utmost ethical and professional standards of fundraising, both in terms of how we treat and remunerate our staff and in how we engage your supporters.

What we do

Community Shapers specialises in over-the-phone outreach that connects your values with those of your supporters to deliver high-performing tele-fundraising and advocacy campaigns.

Our Goal

Community Shapers’ goal is to increase the scale and impact of the progressive movement in Australia. Through the genuine passion, knowledge, care and fundraising skills we bring to every single conversation, we aim to activate and increase the supporter base, retention and fundraising income of our partner organisations.

Our Difference

  • Our staff are your current members, supporters and volunteers, and Australia’s next generation of progressive advocates, change-makers and leaders
  • Our results are driven by our extensive training and development program and by the values alignment between our clients and our staff
  • We will never request external incentives of clients to motivate staff and we never operate on commission
  • As a boutique operation, we have the ability to be flexible and reactive to the tight timeframes and changing needs of a campaign
  • Our senior staff are experienced progressive campaigners with skills in strategy and narrative, script and email copywriting, and more
  • We promote the union movement, and many of our staff are members of a union
  • We support small, medium, and large NGOs and not-for-profits as clients, and we have a sliding scale of fees to suit the needs of any organisation.

  • - Daisy Barham, Campaigns Director, Nature Conservation Council of NSW

    We worked with Community Shapers on an advocacy campaign to get our supporters to turn up to an important door-knocking event we held in Sydney. Community Shapers not only achieved our target but managed to better it by an extra 100 participants. This afforded us plenty of back up on the day and allowed our campaigners to put their energy into amplifying the effectiveness of the campaign.

    The best thing about working with Community Shapers was the quality of the staff that we had contacting our supporters. With Community Shapers we felt like we had our own campaigners engaging with our supporters. The calling staff were very engaged with our organisation, the campaigns we run and the objectives we were trying to achieve, but most notably their real passion and commitment to progressive causes shone through.

  • - Lisa Mastoras, Community Fundraising Manager, WWF

    It was a real pleasure to work with Community Shapers and they achieved excellent results during our campaign. They guided us through the process of setting up a calling campaign, responded quickly and professionally whenever we had questions or changes, and provided us with regular feedback on how to further improve results. Their callers were a delight to work with and really connected with our supporters.

    Community Shapers take it one step further. They are more than just a service provider - they genuinely care about your cause and the organisation they are advocating for. If you want to engage with your supporters in a meaningful way and get fantastic results, we would definitely recommend working with Community Shapers.

  • - Cassie Bremner, Community & Fundraising Manager, Climate Council

    Community Shapers have consistently delivered exceptional results for the Climate Council’s fundraising campaigns. We’ve been blown away by their ability to not only meet campaign goals, but to well and truly smash them out of the park!

    Major campaign events have taken place during both of our campaigns with Community Shapers, and they responded immediately, tailoring our campaign narrative daily to ensure continued high quality and great results.

    We would definitely recommend them to other organisations in the climate, environment and energy space on the basis of their knowledge and skills.

  • - Claire O'Rourke, National Director, Solar Citizens

    Community Shapers performed very well on our first major phone engagement campaign, more than quadrupling our regular giver base.

    The campaign required significant amendment halfway through, when a major political decision changed the nature of the campaign itself. Community Shapers adapted quickly and helped to back up our work on the ground by mobilising our supporters to help at a crucial time.