Our Services

At Community Shapers, we use over-the-phone engagement to help our clients meet their fundraising and advocacy goals. We specialise in fundraising and advocacy calls that inspire people into action.

By having one-on-one conversations, we can help you build your donor base, and turn your supporters into an active and loyal community.

Our team deliver above industry average fundraising results, strong return on investment, and very low complaint rates.

Our services include:

Fundraising campaigns
These campaigns are designed to build and strengthen your donor base. We specialise in fundraising campaigns, particularly those that engage your existing supporters and members.

Some examples are:
Cash Conversion
Organic Lead Conversion
Bequest Stewardship & Acquisition
Mid-Level Donor Engagement

Issue-based campaigns
These campaigns are non-financial, often reactive to the political climate. The aim is to build your base, and inspire your existing supporters into action.

Some examples are:
Volunteer Recruitment
Volunteer Management
Event Attendance
Contact Your Politician
Voter Persuasion
Divestment Calls

Social research
Research allows us to understand issues, frame debates, build support and test assumptions. We can develop packages to suit any budget and help you connect with your key audiences.

Some examples are:
CATI polls
Message testing
Campaign evaluation
Supporter surveys
Voter ID calls