Who we are

> We’re not just a call centre. Too often, fundraising and engagement is outsourced to corporations and call centres who don’t have a stake in their client’s work. This leads to poor quality calls and donor churn. A big part of our difference is that we understand our clients and we believe in their work.

> Our conversations are built on stories and values. Stories can forge connections, develop trust, and deliver better results for campaigns. At Community Shapers, we use our calls to tell stories about our clients and their work.

> We’re passionate about quality. We are bound by the FIA’s codes and standards, and we have a strong privacy policy. Our complaint rate is well below industry average.

> We only work with clients who share our goals. At Community Shapers, our staff are the members, supporters, and volunteers for many of the organisations we call for. We only take on clients who share our vision for a more progressive Australia.

> We deliver results. Across our work, we’ve been able to deliver above industry average fundraising results and strong returns on investment.

Our Difference

Our Team

Sonya Tirtajaya
Sonya TirtajayaManaging Director
Having spent the last ten years leading major community building campaigns for local government and not-for-profits, Sonya co-founded Community Shapers in 2014. Sonya’s strengths lie in project management, as well as community education, outreach and mobilisation around progressive issues. Sonya has worked for Manly Council, the Canberra Environment Centre, Greenpeace, AusAID, and GetUp!. She holds a Masters of Applied Anthropology and Participatory Development from the Australian National University.
Phoebe Howe
Phoebe HoweGeneral Manager & Senior Account Manager
Phoebe developed a passion for social change advocacy growing up in Canberra and studying Arts and Science bachelor degrees at the Australian National University. Phoebe was the founding member of the ‘Canberra Loves 40%’ campaign that helped secure the ACT’s nation-leading emissions reductions legislation, and other climate policies. She worked on national climate change campaigns and grassroots youth organising with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition. She developed local grassroots organising for national campaigns on the rights of people seeking safety and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth over-imprisonment at Amnesty International Australia.
James Atkinson
James AtkinsonAccount Manager & Campaign Facilitator
James began working as a caller in 2015 as a caller and is now a cornerstone of Community Shapers. James’ key passions in the progressive space are tackling education inequality and empowering young people to engage with the political system.

He has experience in media and campaigning for a number of youth-led and non-government organisations, informing his work at Community Shapers and his appreciation for the inclusion of youth voices in political decision making. He holds bachelors degrees in political science and development studies from the Australian National University.

Stef Roberts-Thomson
Stef Roberts-ThomsonAccount Manager & Campaign Facilitator
Stef has extensive experience in youth political engagement and organising young people, both through her degree and in volunteering with UN Youth. She has worked on many issues affecting young people with other organisers in Australia and the Asia-Pacific. Stef brings this experience and passion to her work at Community Shapers where she has been a Change Agent and a Campaign Facilitator before stepping up as an Account Manager in late 2019. 

If the people in positions of power more consistently turned their attention to the future, I believe we would have a more progressive and inclusive Australia. It is our responsibility to ensure that this eventuates.

Alia Huberman
Alia HubermanCampaign Facilitator
Alia started as a Change Agent at Community Shapers in 2017 and has since transitioned to a management role as a Campaign Facilitator. With a background in organising and youth leadership, she is committed to an ethical and pragmatic approach to social change. Alia is passionate about service to community and country, and believes in championing transparency, civic engagement and democratic values. She will complete her bachelor’s degrees in International Security & Languages at the ANU in 2019.

Some of our Change Agents