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We are always looking to hire Change Agents, so get in touch!

Work with us

We are looking to hire Change Agents for a start in 2022.

Change Agent

Role & Responsibilities

In the role of a Change Agent you will work closely with other Change Agents and the Campaign Facilitators to support progressive campaigns. Change Agents need to be professional, friendly, and above all have a passion for social justice, equality, and caring for the environment.

Change Agents are required to:

  • Make phone calls to supporters of progressive organisations;
  • Have meaningful conversations and connect with people on shared values;
  • Have an interest in learning about and advocating for different ways of framing and solving problems;
  • Be professional, passionate, and energetic; and
  • Look for areas to develop own skills and respond positively to feedback.

Essential criteria

  • An interest/engagement in Australian politics
  • Shares progressive values and believes in a more equitable, sustainable, and caring Australia
  • Good conversationalist, and an ability to actively listen
  • A demonstrated willingness to learn about different ways of framing and solving problems and advocate for them
  • Taking responsibility for areas to develop own skills and respond positively to feedback
  • A desire to contribute, in a working capacity, to something you believe in

Desirable criteria

  • Experience in on-campus university student politics and activism
  • Experience working or volunteering with Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), community groups, research groups, activist groups, unions, progressive religious groups, or similar

You will be engaged as a casual employee at a pay rate of $28.08/hour. A minimum of 2 shifts per week is required (you can nominate the two days that suit you), and shifts take place Monday to Friday 2.30pm – 7.30pm.

We are located in a vibrant office space in Civic, near the ANU.

How to apply for this job

Please email your cover letter and resume to, using the subject line: Change Agent application 

Your cover letter must address each of the Essential Criteria and advise the days and times of your availability. It is encouraged that you address the Desirable Criteria.

Please provide the details and contact information for two current referees.

We strongly encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to apply.